First steps on a ROCK64 with Stock Debian Jessie

Default login is linaro/linaro - after logging in, change the password:


sudo su



To make it stop booting into graphical environment:

sudo systemctl set-default

Start SSH on boot:

sudo systemctl enable ssh.socket

Update the system:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo reboot

Setting timezone:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Setting locales:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Set hostname:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname newhostname

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H4X0R4G3 Project

Have been working on my old Netrunners project again for the last couple of weeks. Feels good, man.

Github-Repo can be found here:


PHP jobs with Gearman and Supervisor - Daredevel - Valerio Galano

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Qubes OS 3.2 - not ready for prime time

After a few days tinkering around with Qubes OS 3.2 I must say that I am very impressed. It is an awesome operating system and has a lot of interesting use cases. I will not be able to use it as my main operating system, though. There are several reasons for that:

Poor hardware support - I sometimes need hardware acceleration from my two graphic cards, and Qubes OS does not support this, unless you create a HVM and pass-through one of the cards. HVMs do not work like PVMs, though - and have given me trouble on all three instances that I used HVMs. This poor hardware support also causes xorg in dom0 to run at about 25% to 40% CPU usage at all times, with no VMs started. That's not good. This is on an i7, mind you.

The double-edged sword - while the security architecture is amazing, it also causes some issues when you want to do some penetration testing for instance. There is no easy way to quickly lower security on any VM, so you have to setup new net and proxy vms for all of your …