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The Millions : Kindle-Proof Your Book in Seven Easy Steps!

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Kindle Images

While playing around with this I worked out the following method, I'm using photoshop but perhaps someone who uses a different application can adapt it for that?

Part 1 - Image size
So as I'm going to create a screensaver image, I resize my image to 800x600 and set the DPI to 72.
NB If you want to create an image for in-book use, use 640x525 and 72 DPI.

1) Image -> Image size
2) Height 800
3) Resolution 72

Part 2 - Convert to Grayscale (or Greyscale)
Next we need to convert it to a gray scale, there are numerous ways to do this depending on how fussy you are (i.e. how much data you want to preserve) but here are a couple of methods below.

Method 1

1) Image menu -> Mode - Grayscale
2) Select yes to discard the colour information
NB: With this method, you don't get to tweak the image before it's converted

Method 2

1) Image menu -> adjustments -> Channel mixer
2) Tick the monochrome box
3) Move the sliders around until your happy
4) Click OK
NB: This method allows you to t…