Portal = Fun!

Avast! If ye haven't played Portal yet (like me) and want to get it cheap, you have to hurry. It is still free for a few more hours on Steam. I really don't know why I hadn't given it a go before, but it is really something different from all of the shooters out there.

Love the AI and how it sometimes just fails to function properly - adds a lot to the game. And I mean the AI character that guides you through the game, not some kind of mobiles (haven't seen any thus far).

Speaking of games, I have also tried the new Adventure World on Facebook (by Zynga) and have to admit that it is highly polished and a lot of fun... Until you reach level 4 and run out of energy very quickly. Oh well, it's free and nobody forced me to buy anything to advance, so I'll keep playing it for a few days.

In other news, Twisty Passage needs some more attention, but I am really struggling with coding on the laptop keyboard. I will go into town on Saturday and buy myself a proper keyboard to get some programming done. Will also need a USB hub.

Have a nice rest of your speak-like-a-pirate-day (at which I miserably failed)!


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